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Here you will get an insight into our Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection. Unusual vintage looks with high quality craftsmanship and great wear comfort.


A.S.98 shoes are your true companion around the world. Whether you are in New York, Milan, Paris, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Go your own way and take a look at the new Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection.


Finest tanned and coated leather. Make yourself a picture of our new models and get the typical A.S.98 look.


Cross-dressing is an important theme that A.S.98 masterfully puts into action with a mix of trends. So have a look to our new bags.


Where to buy

Do you like our stuff? See the map to find a store close to you or choose one of our onlineshops. Of course we are selling worldwide.


Faithful to the principle "Typically A.S.98" the Autumn / Winter 2014/15 collection proves to be rough and, as usual, unconventional. The themes "grunge" and "punk" define the collection.


Wear it. But not to please somebody. Wear it. To express something. Because in everything that we do, it's inside: soul. Because we do our job with passion. Our heart blood sticks on each piece. And the rough feeling of a path that you do not asked, but simply goes. Since 1998. Read our story.


A.S.98 on stage! Milan, Offenbach or Moscow? Choose your favourite location to see the new A.S.98 SS15 collection!

We put passion into each and every one of our products. Our lifeblood flows in their veins.


A.S.98 is a brand with personality. Anyone who creates unique fashion needs to be unique in character. This isn't something you learn in design school. You have to absorb it in the hood - where the non-conformists live. Where creativity comes to life. Along with a sense of pride that's based on who you are – not what you own. Our design teams embrace this concept. Let's call it passion. A lifeblood that flows into our everyday work. We create more than shoes. We produce distinctive works of art that bear our signature. With uncompromising style and all the rough edges. Each piece has its own unique personality. One that is recognized where it really counts: on the street.

Peschiera del Garda

There is also a new store in Peschiera del Garda with our full collection for Woman, Man and Accessoires. For our trendy women you will be happy to hear that there is also a Bizzaria - Jewel Couture - shop around the corner.

Flagship Store Verona

Visit our new Flagship Store in Verona and explore our full collection: Woman, Man and Accessories. We will be happy to meet you there!